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Join us and experience our oasis with wellness, peace and relaxation. Plan your stay and escape Mediterranean style... Specials are for a limited time and cannot be combined with other offers. All promotions are non transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Korakia presents RENEW in partnership with Sophie & Rachelle

Korakia presents RENEW in partnership with Sophie & Rachelle

Renew and Nourish your soul this Spring at Korakia Pensione, join Rachelle Tratt and Sophie Jaffe for a soulful yoga retreat experience this May 31st - June 3rd. Relax with this all-inclusive package; including a 3 night stay in an individually curated room of your choice, all meals thoughtfully catered, 90 minute daily yoga sessions, 90 minute movement sessions each day, access to all on property amenities including bikes and pools, and a rare opportunity to enjoy Korakia in an intimate, focused setting.

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About Sophie and Rachelle: Sophie and Rachelle met around seven years ago, and it was love at first sight, like soul mates recognizing each other in best friend form. Sophie lost her best friend, Heather, many years ago, and Rachelle lost her mom, Nicole, when she was nine years old. Sophie and Rachelle believe, without a doubt, that both Heather and Nicole brought them together.

And then...Nourish Your Soul was born, a collaborative and experiential retreat that is way more than just your typical yoga retreat. These two create magic when they come together by giving freely from their hearts and by facilitating a transformational experience, in a mind, body, heart and soul kind of way.

Sophie is a nutrition expert, wellness influencer, IGNTD podcast host, founder of the superfoods company “Philosophie” and most importantly, proud momma of three beautiful children. She speaks very openly and candidly on all of her platforms about life as an entrepreneur, wife, mom, and what it takes to be a spirited woman on the path.

Rachelle is the creator of The Neshama Project, she is currently in graduate school for clinical psychology, and has been teaching yoga for over 12+ years. She is a proud dog momma to Bailey. Rachelle offers a soulful and playful approach to yoga, movement and processing experiences that are often stored in the body.

Together these two wild, strong, grounded, and authentic women have guided people from around the world through their deeply transformative and nourishing experiences. Their unique lens of how they choose to see the world and show up, is the magic sauce to Nourish Your Soul.

Strengthen your practice. Give yourself space and time for your body, your heart, your mind and your spirit. Learn how to fall back in love with yourself. Nourish Your Soul

Enhance Your Stay

Let us help you to make your stay even more memorable by selecting one of the following packages. Each package is designed with detail and will be specially carried out by our front desk staff to ensure that your stay is memorable.

When you book your room, you will have the option to add one of these packages.

Romantic Getaway

Unwind together with the devote scents of rose, blood orange and cedar while surrounded by candles during our 80 minute couples massage ritual.

End the day with a romantic turndown of strawberries, champagne, rose pedals and candle light for a heartfelt unforgettable experience.

Price: $500.00

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Escape and Celebrate

Be welcomed on arrival to a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Then escape with a 50 minute customizable couples massage. Enjoy a delicious candle lite dinner for two on your own private terrace of any of our picturesque sites on our property. (Dinner provided by Le Vallauris : 1 appetizer and 1 entrée per person.) End the evening watching one of our films while sipping champagne underneath the desert sky. The perfect package for celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just life itself!

Price: $550

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Hiking and Relaxation

Take the morning or afternoon to explore the sacred grounds of the Cahuilla Indians with a guided tour of Taquitz Canyon.

Hike past dams, house pits and waterfalls (seasonal) while observing desert wildlife. Once back at Korakia ease tired muscles with a 50 minute customizable turmeric and arnica massage for two. Enjoy lunch poolside. (Lunch option for two includes choice of panni, chips or side salad or hummus plate. 1 drink per person.)

Price: $375

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Under the Baby Moon

The perfect relaxing getaway before you new buddle of joy arrives…

A meaningful baby moon welcome basket awaits you upon arrival. During you stay be honored with our 50 minute Yemmah – The Mother organic nourishing massage. Enjoy a sweet turndown and upon check out receive a special parting gift.

Price: $300

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