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Korakia Pensione

Korakia Pensione

Restored in 1989, Dar Marroc was renamed Korakia (Greek for "crow") and crafted into a Mediterranean-style resort. The resort, now housed in two lovingly restored historic villas, rests on 1.5 lush acres, consisting of bungalows, guesthouses, gardens and pools.

From Korakia's distinct keyhole-shaped grand entrance housing a set of ornately carved Moorish wooden double doors to the antiques and handmade furniture found in every room, everything blends harmoniously to create an oasis in the California desert.

With citrus blossoms, olive trees, oleander bushes, date palms, bougainvillea vines, gorgeous Moroccan fountains and a stone waterfall spread across the main courtyard area, every aspect of the villas have been restored to the artistic ambiance of their halcyon days.

Today the legacy of the original historic Dar Marroc lives on. What the art community once favored during the 'old Palm Springs era' continues. Korakia remains a popular rendezvous for an eclectic crowd, including renowned actors, writers, producers and photographers.

Dramatic photo spreads of Korakia have graced the pages of such leading publications as Architectural Digest, HIP Hotels and Condé Nast Traveler as well as Vogue, Elle, Marie-Claire and their European counterparts.

The New York Times has called the Korakia "One of the sexiest hotels in America.

Expanding your horizons

Korakia Pensione offers a unique and relaxing getaway from day to day reality. Crafted after a Mediterranean-style pensione, Korakia blends the silhouette of Tangier with a whisper of the Mediterranean.