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Experience Relaxation

Heal the mind, body and spirit with a massage treatment from our professional therapists. Drink in the experience in our indoor/outdoor spa lodge or opt for an in-room session.

Prices below are subject to change and do not include gratuity. Cancellations require a minimum 24-hour notice. 

Signature Massages

Custom Massage 50m/80m ($125/$175) per person

Tailored to your specific pressure and needs. Relieve pain and tension or just relax and drift away.

Choose one of our two signature scents: Turquoise Mountain Sage or Tree of Life

Yemmah -The Mother 50m ($125)

All organic safe for mother and baby. Essences of sweet orange, rose and help ease possible discomforts of pregnancy and keeps skin nourished to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Vibrational Scalp Treatment 30m ($60)

(Add on or Alone)

The most hypnotic and deeply relaxing scents of organic highland lavender, clary sage and grapefruit nourish hair & scalp inducing a deep state of peacefulness.

Foot & Leg Journey 25m ($60)

(Add on or Alone)

Sooth tired legs and feet with therapeutic pressure and point work.

Experience Add on ($25)

(No additional time)

· Hot Stones

· Foot or Hand Scrub

· Arnica Turmeric Muscle Balm

Prices shown as single but all treatments can be done as couple massages.

Ask about special menu for guest in Suites and Houses


Desert Poultice 80m ($205)

Calendula flowers from the Mediterranean coast combined with wild desert chaparral leaf stimulate, detoxify and smooth skin with the relaxing scent of the desert after a monsoon.

(no additional add on)

Crystal Chakra Balancing Massage 80m ($205)

Experience an aromatic journey of 7 luxurious oil blends infused with crystals and attuned to each one of the seven chakras. Body work with the most profound state of relaxation.

(no additional add on)

Grounding Leg and Foot Ritual 50m ($150)

Healing mask with desert aloe, organic lavender and seabuckthorn berry detoxifies. Massage follows with Moroccan mint and arnica which restores, refreshes, hydrates and revitalizes.

(can add vibrational scalp for extra relaxation)

Habib Albi (Love of My Heart) Couples Journey 80m ($375 for couple )

Surrounded by candles… scents of rose, blood orange, cedar and white magnolia designed and blended together to entice and relax allowing energies to meet and merge with light to medium rhythmic pressures for a full body massage.

(no additional add on)

Treatments Exclusively for Suites & Houses

Custom Massage 50m/80m ($150/$200)

Tailored to your specific pressure and needs. Relieve pain and tension or just relax and drift away. Choose one of our two signature scents : Turquoise Mountain Sage or Tree of Life

Prenatal Journey 75m ($200)

Starting with an all organic relaxing full body scrub areas hard to reach during pregnancy, followed by a relaxing massage to ease discomforts and nourish skin.

Tree of Life 80m ($200)

A full body scrub with fossilized desert salts and massage with inspiring and grounding oils of forest woods and resins wrapped around uplifting citrus notes increase immune function and highly reduce stress levels bringing mental clarity.

Add a Soak to this treatment for additional $25 (total for individual or couple)


Greet the day with sun salutations most Sunday mornings, compliments of Korakia. Surrender into the bliss of your breath and discover there is nowhere to go, as you are already right here!

Dive deep within as you stir your subconscious into full awareness of the beauty of the day. Centering, calming and illuminating, each class is adapted to the energy and experience.

Complimentary yoga offered most Sundays at 8: 15am. (Meet in Library off Lobby). 

Please inquire at the front desk for private sessions, available for $75 an hour. Cancellations require a minimum 24-hour notice. 

Group Retreats

Korakia offers group retreats throughout the year and personal retreats upon availability. 

Please contact the front desk for more information. 

Group Retreats